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Limelight Ep 85 New Boyz

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We go behind the music with U2. Plus, the New Boyz explain why they're too cool to care. The Limelight airs every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Presented by the irrepressible Ramona Cash, the show will bring you all the anarchy and behind-the-scenes badness from LA's music scene. Discover more at

Bruno Mars Grenade The Remix Ft Audio Imagery

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, download there
WHoooooooo! I DIG THIS SONG. As soon as I heard it I was hooked. Bruno Mars is really good. Had my doubts at first but good googalie moogalies he has some catchy stuff. It was weird cause I tried to find acapellas for so many other songs before I even heard this song. I am also happy cause I got this song done so quickly. Listen. Share. Enjoy.


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Marianne spa.
Lyric and Music: Marianne spa - Marco Spadaro guitar/ Cosimo Costantino soprano sax /mixed by Pippo Faranda. dec. 9th